Monday, 10 September 2007

Newspapers in the year 2020

Dave Morgan from onlineSPIN has pre-published some thoughts of his essay on what U.S. newspapers will be like in 2020 and got some interesting feedback. Jeff Jarvis published his whole essay "Newspapers in 2020" dealing with the same question on his blog Buzzmachine . While Jeff is very careful with his prediction, Dave concludes with:
"Newspaper companies are very likely not to be winners. The characteristics of the companies that will win in 2020 are very different than the characteristics of newspaper companies today."
What do you think the newspaper 2020 will look like? Will it be only digital? A mix of both print/digital? Or will the newspaper disappear completely?

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  1. Dave Morgan is a true online advertising pioneer: the founding of Real Media in 1995 (recently acquired by WPP) and Tacoda, another brilliant idea in 2001: a company that specializes in behavioral targeting solutions for advertisers and publishers and was acquired on September 6 by AOL. His remark does not refer to the death of newsprint; he is more questioning the ability of newspaper companies to cope with the future. That is interesting because he has a long experience working with publishers and Real media and Tacoda were initially created to support the online strategy of publishers. Now WPP and AOL are owners of two valuable companies in the online advertising area and competitors to newspapers. It’s kind of frustrating for a newspaper supporter.


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