Monday, 17 September 2007

Speaker at BTPW 2007

Matthew Buckland, General Manager of the Mail & Guardian Online, will be talking about the "integration of web 2.0 services into news sites" at this year's Beyond the Printed Word conference. Besides his main job and lecturing at conferences all over the world, he writes a very interesting monthly column for The Media Magazine called "Net savvy" and host his own blog about "new media, technology & other stuff" at Oh, I almost forgot to mention that he is running a small web development company in his spare time. He seems to be the prototype of the modern web worker with a lot of interesting stories to tell. This leaves one question unanswered: does he ever sleep?


  1. Buckland! Kudos. We only ever meet in exotic places, it seems. Looking forward to connecting with you, and even more to getting an invitation sometime around world cup! ;-)

    Very interested in pursuing this topic with you, by the way. I think it's hard to find a true 2.0 company willing to work with other media companies as a real partner. Either they're hell-bent on trying to get big, or be bought out by GoogleYahoolyAsk.

  2. LOL! Believe it or not I actually manage to get about six hours sleep every now again. Just had a one-year old, so that's all changed. I'm looking forward to being there and sharing our experiences re: integrating "web 2.0" into our media business here...

  3. @ Melinda --- yeah it's been a while! We last met in Prague I think it was? Look forward to meeting up with you again, and yes: working on yr invitation to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup :-)


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