Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Amazon's Kindle in the focus

As most of you will know, Amazon has launched its e-reader device "Kindle" on Monday, which gives you the opportunity to directly download books, subscribe to newspapers, magazines and even blogs, without the need of a hotspot as it uses the high-speed data network EVDO. Newsweek took the opportunity to publish an article on
The Future of Reading, which is worth reading, just like the comments on the article and the device itself are. The question is: Would you buy this device for 399 USD? Wouldn't a subscription model (device for free with a 2-year subscription to a newspaper or maybe 4 books a month) be more attractive to potential customers?

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  1. Exactly right. Sponsors will pay for this eventually too; think of it this way: subscribers don't have to buy the printing press. Think U2 iPod: want to buy a Pepsi version with my newspaper as the permanent e-link? No problem... But will Amazon be smart enough to go that way, or do they really think they're as hot a consumer brand as Apple?


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