Friday, 9 November 2007

Breaking the digital ground

President of Sanoma Digital in Finland, Liisa Kotilainen, was presenting the digital strategy of her company and gave examples of platforms they created to give more service to their users, like a price comparison service.

This presentation was the last of the show, if you wish to reflect on this year's "Beyond the Printed Word" conference, you can do that in different ways: review the blog posts by clicking the category tagged "conference", take a look at the ntmultiblog, read the summaries online. Participants will get receive an e-mail with the link and password to the presentation slides. We hope you enjoyed the postings and encourage you to use this blog which was created as a forum for exchange for you, so feel invited to use it, either as a news source, as a place for debate or to post ideas you want to share. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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