Wednesday, 5 September 2007

How E-paper subscription flopped in India…

There was a time when leading English dailies of India went ballistic and boasted of having an e-paper in addition to their regular online presence. To rub salt to the wound, they began charging for the e-paper services, aping the success of their counterparts in Europe and US. That was the time when India was, slowly but steadily, getting into the ‘e-mode’ with faster connectivity and broadband access in major cities. People were still uncomfortable reading news online, forget even subscribing to e-paper by way of nominal fee.

Soon, the media houses realized their mistake, and threw open the e-paper services free of charge. Only requirement was to register with a username and password. As of now, the e-paper culture is picking up with a lot of people showing keen interest to read and feel the print-edition flavour wrapped in an online format. Advertisers are happy too – they get their ads on the print as well on the e-paper, and they get two platforms at the cost of one. Now, a majority of newspapers – both national and regional ­­­­-- have their e-papers up and running. It’s being dished out as a value edition to the readers rather than eyeing it as a revenue model. Only time will tell if India goes the US way or not.


  1. If you have more details on how they are using it on the advertising side...that would be splendid !

  2. Sorry, I don't have one. As I am writing this, I just noticed that Times of India have done away with username and password requirement to access their epaper. This is one big U-turn.


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