Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Crisis in the German blogosphere ...

Looking at the decreasing click rates at Technorati, fewer visitors, less links and lively commenting only happening from time to time, some of the (former) major bloggers in Germany are thinking aloud of quitting their blogs or having a break. Bloggers writing for the audience and not for themselves are experiencing the decreasing interest in blogs as the big hype is over and the watchers are gone. I personally think this is a healthy situation, as we are going to see a lot of blogs vanish, mainly those who were just blogging about blogging or trying to sell the idea of blogging to companies - the so-called PR and marketing bloggers.
After this cleaning process, the interesting blogs will survive - good content will still be there and meaningless content will be gone. The newspapers could use this experience for their advantage, as the skills to produce quality content is already there and newspapers have much more resources than a single blogger.

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