Monday, 15 October 2007

Innovative Virginia Newscast Pulls the Plug

Roanoke Moves Beyond TimesCast

In his Oct. 10 blog announcing that the Roanoke Times would cease it’s TimesCast news “Web cast” after two years, John Jackson raises many unanswered questions. Was it too large of a staff commitment for limited commercial return? (The year one anniversary photo depicts a staff of 11.) Was it too much a reflection of “your father’s” newscast — an anachronistic prototype borrowing too much from TV? Would such a production have been better off as an emailed teaser to user’s Web phones? Or is it just too much to ask a Web audience for that much loyalty?

What's your experience with Webcasts in Europe? Too "organized"? How long, in your opinion, does it take to find out whether an experiment is working?

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