Wednesday, 17 October 2007

When journalist, IT and provider form a real team

Jean-Luc Marty, chief editor for the French edition of the monthly magazine Geo was frustrated by the amount of material (audio, video, photos, notes...) that he could not use on his print edition and were so precious to understand the investigation work of the journalist. So he had this wonderful idea of creating a sort of making-of on the Web for some great stories, you can see the result here (official launch was last Friday in Paris): (note that the format was also adapted for mobile phone screens) or directly on the magazine web site:
Jean-Luc Marty was helped on this project by the IT team of his publishing company, Prisma Presse, and also by Apple France who played the interesting role of technical adviser (including advices on what video and audio equipment would work best). As Frank Barlemont (CIO for Prisma) explained to me, the whole project involved time to create the story telling style but was technically 'cheap' to do. Geo will publish 'web reportage' not in one piece but in sequences to invite people to come back and spend time on their web site. They also consider it as a good alternative to provide original content without giving for free the print content.

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