Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Google announces open source mobile OS

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google Inc., announced the launch of a Linux-based open source operating system for mobile phones call "android" yesterday. The software will "create a whole new mobile experience for users with new applications and new capabilities that we couldn't imagine today," Schmidt stated, and will feature a web browser with full functionality. Android will give adopters flexibility to modify the components and to design own services and products.
The initiative is supported by more than 30 big names of the industry, such as Motorola, Samsung, Intel, Telefonica, T-Mobile amongst others. The goal is to encourage innovation in the mobile sector and to accelerate improvements in web usability on mobile phones. PCWorld has compiled a FAQ, in case you want more details.

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  1. And just now Google in gas pumps, maps, directions, landmarks... ...and a nifty printer to take your findings with you on the road.



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