Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Matthew Buckland unveils his presentation

In his latest post on his personal blog www.matthewbuckland.com, Matthew Buckland tells his readers what his presentation at the Beyond conference will be about:

I’ll be presenting on some of the new online products we have launched in the Web 2.0 sphere recently. I still wince every time I use the word Web 2.0, but regardless of its origins it is a useful term that captures a new spirit and culture of doing things on the web — a kind of evolving best practice if you like. I’ll be sharing our experiences and strategies around the new sites we have developed in the past year, including News in Photos (UGC, tags, widget & swarm), Thoughtleader (blog-media hybrid), amatomu.com (blog aggregator) and amagama.com (straight blog hoster). One of the key aspects of web 2.0 is harnessing user intelligence and content. It’s easier said than done and the challenge is to harness user intelligence, intelligently. When it’s done correctly you get beautiful things like wikipedia, done badly and your editorial may end up with Goatses on it.


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